Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day

We have some fun holiday events coming up here at South Bay. For Cinco de Mayo, we will be celebrating on our facility patio by feasting on carne asada, singing to some Spanish karaoke, and batting around a festive pinata for our residents to enjoy. For Mother’s Day, we will be having an acoustic concert […]

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Best exercise for older adults

Maintaining a healthy exercise routine is a fundamental part of life for all ages. Each age group stands to benefit from the advantages regular exercise can bring to one’s overall health. This is especially true for older adults who are 50 years and older. Regular exercise combats all forms of disease by strengthening muscles, including […]


Is your loved one buried under clutter? Here are tidy ways to pare down the belongings

As your loved ones enter their golden years, their home becomes their sanctuary. But if they’ve kept all the tokens of love over the years, their home is probably too cluttered for them to navigate safely. This can be a health hazard, both physically (tripping and falling over things) or mentally (hoarding). Here are some […]